Independently Owned - Serving the warehouse district for over 20 years.

Our History

Ken Sherman, who began his career as a commercial real estate agent in Minneapolis in 1987, founded the Sherman Group. Years later, after working for a local agency and gaining a reputation in the market, Ken formed the Sherman Group to do leasing and management, focusing exclusively in the Warehouse District of Minneapolis. We began with several buildings in that area, including Butler North and the Kickernick Building. These two buildings, standing on the main corner of the Entertainment District, have given the company great presence and experience in the Minneapolis real estate market.

In 1998 Ken was hired to manage, renovate, and lease the Ames/Fischer Building at 800 Washington Avenue North (now the North Loop). The large project (320,000 square feet) was the first large office building in that sector of the city and is now very successful, with a city-owned parking ramp attached to the building.

Building on that momentum, in early 2001 The Sherman Group purchased 701 Washington Avenue North and leased it to HGA Architects. The building demanded a complete renovation and we collaborated with HGA on the design and renovation, resulting in a beautiful building that won several awards. Later we bought their former space at 1201 Harmon and filled it, gaining valuable experience outside of the Warehouse District.

In 2005, we purchased the historic Lumber Exchange Building at Hennepin Avenue and 5th Street. Strangely, the previous owners de-emphasized the authentic white marble floors and stairways, brass elevator doors, crystal chandeliers, and intricate woodwork by choosing tiresome, common design elements as an accompaniment. The Sherman Group is now in the process of redesigning the common area to introduce color, texture, and style as well as updating the building systems to current standards so as to return the property to its former place as a premier address in Minneapolis.

In 2006, the Sherman Group participated in taking over the Wyman, Wyman-Partridge, and Colwell Buildings. Through these new acquisitions, we continue to expand our reach into the Warehouse District community.

Ken Sherman